Analysis and measurement tools

Sidas analysis tools are ideal for verifying clinical analyses.


They can be used to quantify and archive podiatric assessments, allowing for monitoring of patient changes as a result of extended orthotic use.

PODIATECH INTERNATIONAL Core Offer: Foot Measuring and Analysis tools

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Digital analysis and measurement tools


Platform Press-cam V5:

Presscam  V5  is  a  hybrid  pressure-posturology platform that complies with Directive 93/42/EEC and is certified by DEKRA.

It  is  powered  via  a  USB  cable  connected  to  a computer.

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Mechanical Analysis and measurement tools

>Plexiglas® Podoscope with LEDS

Podiatech has designed a Plexiglas® podoscope, which gives an accurate foot imprint thanks to the translucent blue colour light (LEDs).

- Mirror can be flat or inclined position.
- LEDs optimise imprint visibility by highlighting the areas of foot pressure.
- Wide and deep usable surface area.
- Easily accessible. Height: 125 mm
- Maximum acceptable weight : 150 kg.



The Posturscope is a posture analysis tool.

It provides a view of the patient's body in 3 different planes (front view, in profile and from above).


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Feet revelator process 1.jpg

Feet RevelatorTM

A revolutionary, new foot measurement tool!


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