SIDAS offers a complete range of high-quality, trustworthy and high-tech equipments for making plantar orthodics.


Our equipment is developed by Sidas' R&D department then designed and assembled in Europe (CE standard), enabling us to be extremely reactive in adapting our machines to meet your expectations.


PODIATECH INTERNATIONAL Core Offer: Foot Orthotics & Thermomoulding Equipment

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Using our equipment, options and accessories you can make accurate plantar orthotics right under the patient's feet (except Positiv'lab).

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Our grinders are built using very precise specifications.

Excellent user comfort, good ergonomics, quality aspiration, a powerful motor and more…

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Equipment and accessories for making plantar orthotics from PUR (polyurethane) adapted to fit the feet of diabetics, polyarthritics, accident victims, etc.

Try our mini chemistry cabinet, PUR (polyurethane) resins, mould release agents and accessories.

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