Sheet materials, modules and elements

A range of materials and modules for making all types of orthotics for all activities pursued by your patients and which satisfy your requirements for quality, effectiveness and high added value.
Our materials are developed and created specifically for the needs of podiatrists.


Sheet Materials


Top Layers: Synthetic or foam 

Bases: Resin or foam

Elements: Technical materials or foam for the fabrication of  elements of comfortable /correctional elements

Combination sheet materials

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OPCT gammes.jpg

NEW Range OPCT® - 4 families, different shapes

The OPCT® is a targeted solution that provides an effective response to the specific requirements of both the patient and the foot professional. The new OPCT® range is made up of three families:

City/Everyday; Patho-logic™/Comfort; Sport Specific/Multi-sport; Kids.


To construct modules in the new OPCT® range, different versions are available to enable you to choose the optimum assembly method which is best suited to your equipment. When constructing modules you can add comfort and/or correction elements anywhere on the OPCT®. >> learn more


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2016_Corrective elements

Modules and pre-cut elements

Resin base modules / Foam base modules

Double-taped PEVA base modules

Pre-formed elements / pre-cut elements





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