French Partnerships

SIDAS works in partnership with a variety of institutions and organizations, whose work compliments our own.


The Association for the Development of Podiatry (ADP) work to bring podiatrists together with other multidisciplinary healthcare professionnals who hold an interest in foot pathology.


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SIDAS is a partnered with INSEP (the medical division of the French national sports performance organization).

INSEP plays a leading role in helping top athletes achieve sporting excellence as well as acting as a netw.

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The French Union for Foot Health (UFSP) is an association dedicated to the pursuit of podiatric health.

They work extensively on public communications in order to promote the work undertaken by podiatrists.

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SIDAS is a proud member of club1000, linked to Handicap International. This means supporting projects of benefit to those with a disability and perpetuating the concept of responsible business.

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